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History of the Audi brand, list of Audi models of all time
История марки Audi, список моделей Audi за все время
History of the Audi brand, list of Audi models of all time

BMW x6 specifications, interior, photos and cars of this line



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The car of this series is a medium-sized crossover. The BMW X6 has a powerful engine that gives it sporty dynamism. Modern models are equipped with the latest technical solutions, such as a head-up display and a driving assistant.

BMW X6: general information

When creating cars of this line, engineers tried to combine the advantages of an SUV and a coupe. The BMW X6 SUV can be considered because it has all-wheel drive, large wheels and a high-torque engine. Due to the high ground clearance, the car will perfectly overcome various obstacles on a bad road. From the coupe, the car got a noticeable bevel of the roof in the rear.

Each model has an automatic transmission. The presence of the DPC differential allows you to effectively redistribute torque between the rear wheels of the car. Therefore, she quickly exits the slippery turn.

The design of the representatives of the line will impress any motorist. The double grille of a solid size and the wide arrangement of fog lamps immediately catches the eye. The roof of the car smoothly passes to the rear of the body.

BMW X6 interior and exterior photos

The best way to form an opinion about the design of the car is by looking at its images. The photos presented by the BMW X6 will allow you to appreciate how much creative effort the designers have invested in creating the appearance of this series.

BMW X6 specifications and features

Although the manufacturer has already released several modifications, you can see several similar characteristics for all cars in this series. First, it’s large. Therefore, the BMW X6 car stands out in the general car stream. Secondly, the cars of the line were created taking into account strict safety requirements. All seats are equipped with reliable three-point seat belts.

A child seat mount is provided, so adults can be calm about the safety of a small passenger. To reduce the risk of damage to the car when parking, the emergency proximity alarm will help.

The latest models released after 2012, the manufacturer decided to equip with 19-inch wheels. A feature of diesel models is a high-quality engine with three turbines, capable of speeds up to 381 hp. At the same time, new cars externally changed slightly.

BMW X6 interior: maximum comfort for driver and passengers

Inside the driver expects a real kingdom of comfort and beauty. Contour lighting will create a cozy atmosphere in the cabin.

In some models, the details of the lever and button are made of crystal glass. It gives a pleasant tactile sensation when touched.

Some people in the car feel constrained. After all, not everyone is comfortable in a closed space. It is for such people who want to feel more freedom that models with a panoramic glass roof are offered. BMW X6 interior at night will look great thanks to the lighting system, composed of 15 thousand light elements.

The high seating position of the driver provides him with a good overview, which increases the comfort of driving. He will be able to better control the traffic situation. Many models in this series are finished with high-quality materials, such as luxury leather and luxurious fabrics.

Now, having a general idea of ​​the BMW X6 series, it is worth considering specific models in detail.

BMW X6 e71: improvement of the previous version

BMW X6 e71

The first generation of the series is in many ways similar to the previous one. If the car enthusiast decides to inspect the interior, then he will find a lot in common with the X5 series. It is understandable, because German engineers took the X5 platform as a basis, lengthening it.

In the BMW X6 e71, it is possible to install a “sofa” for three people at the back. There is slightly less headroom for rear seat passengers compared to the X5.

The trunk capacity is 570 liters, which is quite enough for a city dweller who will periodically load it with purchases from the store. If you need to transport a larger cargo, for example, chairs or other furniture to the country, you can fold the rear backs and get 1450 liters of free space.

The first generation includes both petrol and diesel models. You can find out the characteristics of each from the following table:

Engine Fuel Drive Consumption Up to a hundred
(245 hp) DT Full 6.7 / 8.7 7.5 s
(306 hp) DT Full 6.8 / 8.8 6.5 s
(306 hp) AI-95 Full 9.5 / 16.6 6.7 s
(407 hp) AI-95 Full 10.4 / 19.6 5.4 s

Model 40d is a forced modification of 30d. Its higher power of 306 liters. With. due to the presence of a double turbocharging. It also allowed the model to reach a speed of 100 km / h in just 6.5 seconds, which will especially please fans of dynamic driving. The price for high power was higher fuel consumption compared to the junior diesel engine.

The 35i modification has almost identical characteristics. She has the same power of 306 hp. s, and it accelerates to hundreds in 6.7 s.


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