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History of the Audi brand, list of Audi models of all time
История марки Audi, список моделей Audi за все время
History of the Audi brand, list of Audi models of all time

BMW X5, restyling, specifications, engines, interior, photos, errors



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Among the most famous mid-seater crossovers is the BMW X5. The first car of the series was released more than 20 years ago, and during this time it has acquired a large army of fans. High ground clearance combined with permanent all-wheel drive allows this car to perform well on any road surface. Just look at the following BMW X5 photos to fall in love with it forever.

Next, several generations of BMW will be considered.

BMW X5 e53: good start

The first generation models are distinguished by excellent handling and high traffic in urban environments. BMW X5 bodies are of excellent quality, and with proper care, even after many years, rust will not appear on the car.

The company’s specialists took care of the convenience of passengers and the driver. The interior of the BMW X5 is equipped with comfortable seats that are comparable in terms of quality to sporty competitors. Behind is a spacious sofa, which, combined with the climate unit, makes this car a good option for family people.

BMW X5 performance of this generation is excellent. German engineers began to install progressive modifications of engines with improved dynamics on these cars. At the same time, their fuel consumption of the BMW X5 has become less compared to previous models. The BMW X5 engine consumes gasoline quite sparingly.

The BMW X5 e53 3.0 modification has an engine with a lower power rating (from 218 to 231 hp) compared to 4.4i (320 hp) and 4.8is (360 hp). This difference is noticeable when accelerating. For example, the e53 3.0d AT will reach 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds, while the 4.8is AT will reach this speed in 6.1 seconds.

You can evaluate the appearance of the first generation by looking at the following BMW X5 e53 photos.

BMW X5 e70 3.0 d: new technologies

The second generation of BMW has a lot of electronics. For example, in the basic configuration there is an anti-lock braking system. When cornering, the stability control system is activated.

If the driver wants to save money, then he should pay attention to the BMW X5 30d. The fuel consumption of this modification is only 7.2 / 11.3. The cost of savings is not particularly fast acceleration. The car will reach speeds of 100 km / h in only 8.1 seconds.

The BMW X5 trunk has a capacity of 620 liters. If the driver was poisoned to the country or is going to help a friend with the move, then he will need more space. And the BMW X5 is ready to provide it, you just need to fold the second row of seats, after which the driver will have 1750 liters of free space at his disposal.

BMW designers also paid attention to the interior of the cabin. The front fascia was tilted slightly towards the seat, allowing the driver a better view of all controls.

The following photos of the BMW X5 e70 will make sure that the design of the second generation is beyond praise.

BMW X5 f15: safety and comfort

Although this generation did not get a new platform and retained its previous dimensions, it has a lot of interesting things. For example, driving a car has become much safer. The automatic braking system and lane control will allow the driver to feel much calmer, especially on a large and busy highway.

Salon BMW began to look more luxurious. It has wood and aluminum inserts that blend perfectly with leather upholstery. Sports seats are comfortable and will not allow back muscles to strain even during a long trip.

Representatives of this generation are equipped with engines with Euro 6 standards. Therefore, the BMW X5 requires oil 0W30, 5W40, etc. Also, to maintain the engine in good condition, the oil must be changed at least once a year.

The changes also affected the design. Many drivers noted smooth body lines. In the middle are stylish chrome bars. BMW X5 restyling of this generation does not stand out for something special. Unless in some modifications the appearance of bumpers and rear-view mirrors has been changed.

The BMW X5 m is the sporty version. Its engine is twin turbocharged. Also, the model is equipped with 20-inch wheels and adaptive suspension.

Stylish car lovers will love the following BMW X5 f15 photos.

BMW X5 g05: amazing power

The latest generation will appeal to those who love fast and aggressive driving. The BMW X5 engines are quite powerful. For example, in the modification of the BMW X5 4.4, an engine with a capacity of 462 hp is installed. With. Therefore, acceleration to 100 km / h will take the car only 4.7 s. True, fuel consumption will be significant and will be 9.2 / 15.6. Diesel modification 3.0D has a capacity of 400 liters. s., and up to a hundred it will accelerate in 5.2 s.

A high-quality gearbox is tuned so that the driver gets maximum control over the motor. Therefore, when driving a car, he will not feel unpleasant jerks.

Designers have worked on the appearance of the BMW, increasing the front grille and narrowing the taillights. Armchairs with leather upholstery have an adjustable knee pad. Additional comfort is provided by the developed lateral support.

To make sure that the German designers did an excellent job, you can simply look at the following photos of the BMW X5 g05.

The main mistakes of the BMW X5

Below are the most common errors that the driver will be informed about by the on-board computer of a BMW car:

  • 120208 Boost pressure too high.
  • 120408. Low boost pressure. There is probably a drive failure.
  • 30FE. The air pressure in the turbocharger has reached a high level.
  • 5F13. The brake pads have worn out.
  • 377A. Damaged water pump or pump.
  • 130308. The operation of the control mechanism is broken, the position of the shafts is set incorrectly.
  • 29E0. Problems when creating an air-fuel mixture.
  • 2A19. The fuel evaporation valve is not working properly.
  • 138701. The radiator installation is faulty.
  • 274E. Misfires in the air-fuel mixture occur too frequently.
  • 2AAB. Issues with the exhaust system.
  • 214. Failure in the cruise control system.
  • 420531. Transmission is not functioning properly. There is a possibility that the transmission will switch to limited speed mode.
  • 29D2. The microprocessor module has detected that the sixth cylinder of the engine is misfiring the air-fuel mixture.

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